Investing in Panama

Entrepreneurs, investors, business people from around the world are learning and enjoying the benefits of investing in Panama. This country is a wonderful and exotic with opportunities for businessmen and equally important for those who want to tuck some of their savings in tax-free possibilities.

You can invest in Panama $ 50,000 or more building a small hotel in the hills of Boquete and enjoy the benefit of being tax free, or invest a minimum of $ 50,000 within the republic and enjoy:

• 20 year exemption on all imported materials and which are designed to build or improve their business. Imagine this also applied to your furniture and vehicles.

• 20 year tax exemption on real estate and all the property for your company.

• Tax Exemption for use of ports and airports

• 10% deduction in additive real estate for years

So Who would not want to think about investing in Panama? Or do not want to consider a surfboard shop and see how many clients get in a day.

Or start a business that would attract tourists and take advantage of 15 years of exemptions on their income taxes. After all, the government of Panama has implemented laws such as the Law No. 8 of 1994 in which offer all these benefits to those individuals or companies wishing to invest in Panama in the tourism sector.

Tourism is on the rise and investment in Latin America and the Caribbean are being encouraged by their governments, to which Panama has decided to join, ensuring senior investors advantages and high potential in its investment. Not surprisingly chains Marriot, Radisson, Sheraton, Decameron among others have decided to expand their branches to Panama. So why not think big and invest in Panama.

national government incentives to invest in Panama under Decree Law No. 9 of August 27, 1997 that promotes development of properties located in the Old Town of Panama (colonial city built in 1671) in the following manner, those persons or companies investing in the restoration of these buildings will receive exemption for 10 years on payment of tax on income earned on sales or rentals of these properties. 100% of renovation costs may be tax exempt, also will not pay import taxes for materials used in this renewal.

even more incentives to invest in Panama: 
• property tax exemption for 30 years 
• Exemption on property transfer taxes of $ 50,000 or more

Now you will understand that these are as listed buildings to be restored, this is also a way to invest in Panama.

is important to note that with the opening and start of operations of the Panama Canal revenues of millions of dollars are contributions to the Panamanian economy and stocks so you would not be living in a weak economy. So choose to invest in Panama and Vera can not go wrong.